Trance (tranceptor) wrote,

Alright, Almost Time To Leave. . .

Dad arrived yesterday for his conference. I'm all packed, and really the only thing I need to do is a bit of cleaning. However, complicating things a little is what might be either and ingrown nail or paronychia or blood blister (all three are remakably similar in early stages in both appearnce and symptoms). But, they are treatable in the same manner. Warm water soak in epsom salt, thankfully I have both cause I'm prepaired like that. I'm leaning towards either paronychia or blood blister and I *think* was caused by my hitting one of my chair's wheels with my toe. Accidentaly of course. It either formed a blood blister, OR did just enough damage to allow an infection to set up home.

My only concern is that it might get worse while I'm away. None of those three things are all that terrible, but certainly are annoying and I really don't want to have to deal with any of them while I'm not at home and trying to relax and think up new stuff for the books. If it gets bad enough that I have to visit a doctor, I am sooooooo hosed as there is no way I could afford it and I loathe the idea of having to saddle my dad with the bill. Or worse, he suggestes going for treatment in mexico, which would mean no treatment at all.

No joke, I would rather risk losing the toe than going back there. Having lived there for so many years, I've had my fill.

I'm gonna see if I can convince my dad to stick aournd till sunday morning, that way I can get a good couple days of soaks, and hopefully by then things will be well on the mend. I'm really hoping it's just a blood blister because if it is, then now that I've drained it, it should be just about healed up by tomorrow and not require any extra effort. Which is how things have gone the last few times I've had one.

Speaking of stupid health BS, my back is starting to feel better. Which is nice after the three or four weeks it's been giving me problems and completey wrecking my workout routine. Hopefully it will be all better when I get back so that I can start working out again. I really need to workout some more. 

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