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Well, That's Something. . .

Managed 1,600+ words today, which is really nice. It allowed me many hours of guilt free gaming once I was done. If only I could do that everyday, I would finish this book in no time.

However, I had to look up some punctuation rules to double check something and it turns out I have been punctuating dialogue incorectly this whole time. Not obvious errors, but any editor or slush reader would have caught it and that would have looked bad for me. So I will, at some point, have to go back and change the dialogue on everything I've written over the last few years. Which is kind of a lot.

Necessary, sure, but I am really, really not looking forward to it. Cause it;s going to be a big, tedious job. Even so, I'm glad I caught it now, instead of finding out after a wealth of rejection letters.

In other news, I haven't been able to work out all week cause I hurt my back. It's been really frustrating cause I only have a couple weeks left before I go visit my dad, where I wont be able to work out for at least a full week. I thought it would have healed by today, but when I woke up this morning. . . OW. Just OW. 

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