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Oh Right. . . .

Got back from teh trip a couple weeks ago. It went well, I came back with a folding drawing table I made myself, and a new tattoo, as well as enough money (did some work while there) to buy a new laptop which will enable me to once again work on two computers since the coma that befel my last one. I also took down a few notes for my books, which i will be typing up soon. Currently I'm getting some artwork out of the way so I wont be destracted by the need to finish it, and can then focus more intently on the books once again. 

Alright, Almost Time To Leave. . .

Dad arrived yesterday for his conference. I'm all packed, and really the only thing I need to do is a bit of cleaning. However, complicating things a little is what might be either and ingrown nail or paronychia or blood blister (all three are remakably similar in early stages in both appearnce and symptoms). But, they are treatable in the same manner. Warm water soak in epsom salt, thankfully I have both cause I'm prepaired like that. I'm leaning towards either paronychia or blood blister and I *think* was caused by my hitting one of my chair's wheels with my toe. Accidentaly of course. It either formed a blood blister, OR did just enough damage to allow an infection to set up home.

My only concern is that it might get worse while I'm away. None of those three things are all that terrible, but certainly are annoying and I really don't want to have to deal with any of them while I'm not at home and trying to relax and think up new stuff for the books. If it gets bad enough that I have to visit a doctor, I am sooooooo hosed as there is no way I could afford it and I loathe the idea of having to saddle my dad with the bill. Or worse, he suggestes going for treatment in mexico, which would mean no treatment at all.

No joke, I would rather risk losing the toe than going back there. Having lived there for so many years, I've had my fill.

I'm gonna see if I can convince my dad to stick aournd till sunday morning, that way I can get a good couple days of soaks, and hopefully by then things will be well on the mend. I'm really hoping it's just a blood blister because if it is, then now that I've drained it, it should be just about healed up by tomorrow and not require any extra effort. Which is how things have gone the last few times I've had one.

Speaking of stupid health BS, my back is starting to feel better. Which is nice after the three or four weeks it's been giving me problems and completey wrecking my workout routine. Hopefully it will be all better when I get back so that I can start working out again. I really need to workout some more. 
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Well Damn. . .

Haven't written in nearly a week, a week tomorrow actually. I'm not entirely sure how that happened. The days just slipped by. I tried fixing my laptop, but it just isn't happening and I suppose that threw me off. But I suspect it was really a combination of stuff that included me trying to prepair for my trip to visit my dad. I still have to clean the house and get some artwork done (hopefully) before I go. I have like two pieces and 3 days to do them. I suspect that I may be a little overly ambitous in thinking I'll finish before I leave.

But hell, a person's gotta try. If I can finish even just one, I'll count it as a win.

Always take your wins where you can.

I'll try to get some writing done while I'm away. I bought a new notebook just for that, though writing long hand is tough cause I can't write faster than my brain thinks of lines. Typing is soooooooooooo much easier. But progress is progress. I'll take my wins where I can. 
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Damn, Four Days. . .

Since last updating. I swear, they slip by so quick.

Well, new chapter started and I'm just about done with it. I didn't get as much as I would have liked over the last few days, trying to string things together and maintain a certain level of anticipation is just not an easy task with this part. I'm currently at just over 75k on a book that is likely to end up running 120k (but hopefully less).

If that wasn't enough, on monday my laptop started failing. Which is my fault I believe, as I ended up (in my frustration over my broken mouse) hitting my laptop directly over the spot where the harddrive is located. I really just meant to slam my mouse down becuase sometimes that really does work with it. A minute or two later my laptop started threatenign to give up the ghost.

I didn't bother with it yesterday becuase trying to fix it on monday was doing nothing but frustrating me even more. I wanted to trade that frustration for writing. But today, I had planed to write, but then decided to hold off and work on the laptop a bit. I want to see if it can be fixed to work for a while longer, or if I am finally at the point where I just have to pack it away.

A decision needs to be made on that cause until then, it becomes this distraction and source of frustration that makes it hard for me to focus on writing. I'm just like that, when there is a mechanical problem, I just want to work on it until it's fixed and I can't really concentrate on anything else. But after today, I should know one way or another and then get on with life and start working on the book tomorrow. I really do hope I can fix it cause I certainly don't have the $300 for a (basic, no frills, just for writing and movies) new one, and working off two computers makes my multitasking happy and it keeps me productive in just about everything.

I'm currently defragmenting it to get all the bad sectors out of the way before I reinstall win 7. If it doesn't work, then I'll be packing it up and have one less thing to worry about, which is good. Still. . . I feel a bit sad about it, this laptop has been good to me for some 5-6 years. I wrote my and finished my first book as well as a wealth of stories on it. I could not have asked for a better laptop, it has held together really well. Even if the lid is held together C clamps, no joke. 
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Doing Alright. . .

Almost, but just shy of 1k and the close out of another chapter. So no complaints. Finally nearing the part of the book I was most excited about when I initially planed out the notes several years ago. Once I get through it, I can close out act 2 and start act 3. I rearranged some chapters, placing them in act 1 because act 2 was starting to look really bloated. Now they are evenly divided into 15 each. For now. Depending on how things turn out, I may do 4 more chapters before closing act 2.

This is also, from a pacing and plotting stand point, the most difficult part of the book so far. So I worry it may take me longer to finish than I would like. I'm not sure there is much I can do about it really. Like everything else about this, the only solution is to simply write it and manage the best I can.

It's frustrating to think back and realize I've been writing this book for three years when, quite honestly, I should have finished it inside of one. If I've learned anything from that, it's that whatever happens in the future, I can't allow that to be the case again. I still have seven more books in this series alone, so I just don't have that kind of time to waste. If I had stuck to it and followed through on my plan, I would have been starting book four around now. I can't let myself forget that error pf carelessness.  
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Well, That's Something. . .

Managed 1,600+ words today, which is really nice. It allowed me many hours of guilt free gaming once I was done. If only I could do that everyday, I would finish this book in no time.

However, I had to look up some punctuation rules to double check something and it turns out I have been punctuating dialogue incorectly this whole time. Not obvious errors, but any editor or slush reader would have caught it and that would have looked bad for me. So I will, at some point, have to go back and change the dialogue on everything I've written over the last few years. Which is kind of a lot.

Necessary, sure, but I am really, really not looking forward to it. Cause it;s going to be a big, tedious job. Even so, I'm glad I caught it now, instead of finding out after a wealth of rejection letters.

In other news, I haven't been able to work out all week cause I hurt my back. It's been really frustrating cause I only have a couple weeks left before I go visit my dad, where I wont be able to work out for at least a full week. I thought it would have healed by today, but when I woke up this morning. . . OW. Just OW. 
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Yeesh. . .

Just over 9k in 16 days? Though I'm still at it, this is taking a lot longer than I was hoping it would. I should be getting 1k a day, but I'm averaging around 600 words a day. :/

With the extra 50k I'm allowing myself to finish this book, it is going to take a really long to finish it going at that pace. I just HAVE to finish this as soon as possible cause I still have 2 more books around the halfway mark that need to get finished. I need them done in the next 5 months so I can start shopping them around. I'm not sure I could work on all three every single day AND write them to the best of my ability.

However, I have no other solution but to simply keep writing. It's all I can do. 
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Holy Crap, Four Days. . .

since I last posted in here!?!

Well, alright it's like this; didn't get any writing done since finishing the previous chapter. I instead spend that time editing what I had to second draft status, which took. . . . 2-3 days, but now all the new stuff is now second draft, AND backed up multiple times over different devices, cause I really don't want to have to write it all over again just because this computer or that device wants to be stupid.

I still have more to write and I would really like to get to the next chapter, but it is storming over here, so the dog is inside the house which, becuase it's such a small space, is preventing me from cooking food for the rest of the week (A MUST do, task) and writing. It would also prevent me from working out, but considering how sore I am from yesterdays workout and how much my back hurts from all the cooking I did yesterday (all my cooking surfaces are knee-height, no joke), I was unlikely to workout today anyway. Still though, all my plans are on hold until this storm goes away and I can get the dog out of the way and out from underfoot. It's not even the rain really, she would happily play and run around in that all day, but the constant thunder freaks her out. 
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Yup, Still At It. . .

Closed out another chapter today. Bringing my total to just under 7k words in 11 days. Not as well as I would like, but at least things are getting done. Ideally it should be 10-11k in as many days. I wasn't held up or distracted. The lowish count is really jsut a result of the time I spent trying to figure out what happened next or how to word things in the most clear, efficient, and interesting manner possible for a first draft that seems like a second draft.Though I recognize and appreciate the editing phase, I don't enjoy it very much and so I do like to try and keep things as polished as possible the first time around. It takes a bit more time, but the end result is that my second drafts tend (to me) to read more like a final draft.

Well, now to get to working out and the eating of foods.